Arrate Rodriguez


Picture by Carlos Ndungmandum

Picture by Carlos Ndungmandum


Arrate Rodriguez Martin is an illustrator, graphic designer, collagist, video maker, book lover and devoted reader from Errenteria, a small city in the Basque Country. She graduated in Fine Arts in 2007 and then in Creative Illustration at Eina school in Barcelona in 2010.

She started as a freelance illustrator back in 2006, from then on she has been developing her art in different ways, such as her personal work and Savanna studio, with Carlos Ndungmandum.

She enjoys blurring the lines between collage, drawing, illustration or design, combining fiction and autobiography, so you can never tell what is real and what is not. Her work is closely connected to literature; understanding books as a physical object, or translating their content into images. After a break of 9 years she has started over painting, and taking pictures again, and working on video format. She understand video as drawing, as collaging, fictioning real images. Some tension can be noticed on her whole work, as if something weird is going to happen, suddenly, but it never does.

She lives and works between Guadalajara, Mexico and the Basque Country, Europe, and she is currently available for freelance projects.